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by Candice Anne Marshall

MM – Hello Gentlemen! We are thrilled to have you on the Indie Music Monday platform. Let’s begin with a brief career history of the band and how it came to be ‘Newborn’ today…

Newborn — Eric and I always wanted to form a band and make a career out of music. We made it happen in 2014 and chose the name ‘Newborn’. To us the name signifies a time in life of infinite possibilities and generally seeing with the world in a new way. We started out as a four piece, had a few lineup changes, became a trio and eventually found our drummer Dave this past June.

IMM – You are all from Brooklyn! There is some pretty magnificent talent coming from there! Can you tell us which peers in the industry local to New York you have been inspired by or whom you have worked with on projects?

Newborn – Actually Dave is from upstate New York, but Eric and I are from Brooklyn. To be honest we didn’t know much of anything going on around here when we started the band. We just sort of picked up and went on our way. Our influences were always huge bands like Metallica, Nirvana, Muse, Pink Floyd…etc.

IMM – So tell us what you have coming down the pipe in terms of new music and when we can expect it to drop…

Newborn – We have a ton of new music. Like… 5 albums worth of material. The problem is we don’t have the funds to record them. We’d love to release a full album, or just even a few new singles, but the problem always comes back to money, unfortunately. However, we do have 2 songs that have been cooking in the studio for a while now. We are saving up to finish them.

IMM – I have listened to your music and am already an instant fan. Wow! I am quite enchanted with your song ‘Honey Trap’ which released in June of this year. It released as a single correct?

Newborn – Thank you so much! Yup, it’s a single.

IMM – What is the story behind the lyrics in this song?

 Newborn – I went on a terrible date years ago with a girl who played some terribly wicked games. So, I wrote a song about her and my experience with her. 

IMM – Will your singles released in 2016 and 2017 be included on a full-length album?

Newborn – I don’t think so.

IMM – Your music is truly unique – something I can definitely see in my own music library. Can you tell us which instruments you gravitate toward when creating your music?

Newborn – Guitar, bass, and drums. Occasionally some keys.

IMM – In terms of the production of your music – do you do all your own production or do you have a Producer you work with? It’s stellar!

Newborn – Thank you! We have a fantastic sound engineer/ producer named Mike Wuerth over at Threshold Recording Studios. 

IMM – I definitely can hear that there is a definitive quality to your music that is unique in terms of mainstream music. What do you feel sets you apart from the mainstream music of today?

Newborn – We write our own songs and perform them. And lyrically I don’t think there are too many mainstream songs about death and grim topics in general. I understand that songs like ‘Honey Trap’ and ‘Runaround’ perhaps sound more mainstream but that is not who we are and not what we are limited to. We like to write all types of music, but I don’t think I’d ever classify ourselves as being mainstream.

IMM – You are a fairly new band and in fact, your band only became complete this year! For a band so young, you are creating some pretty amazing tracks! Can you tell us what is unique about each one of the band members that makes your music sync beautifully?

Newborn – I think we are just all on the same page. Our egos are pretty tame for a rock n’ roll band, a little too tamed at times perhaps, but that the end of the day there is no band member more important than the song. We all live and breathe for the music. It’s that simple.

IMM –  Which social media platforms are you most active on with your fans and why?

Newborn – Instagram. It’s more popular I suppose.

IMM – Can you tell me which venues you performed in that you have the best memory of and why?

Newborn – Our show at Highline Ballroom this summer was really great. First off, the sound guys know what they are doing and that always helps. We just had a blast and enjoy playing big stages.

IMM – What is the best compliment you have heard about your music so far?

Newborn – It was in the form of a letter from a fan in Poland taking apart the lyrics of one of our songs, line by line, and writing about how every sentence related to her life. 

IMM – Are you being spun on radio? What stations would you like to give a shout out to?

Newborn – KROQ!

IMM – What do you feel is the most important thing to convey in terms of your branding and media awareness?

Newborn – Honesty.

IMM – What is the most important thing for you all to convey in terms of your music and output?

Newborn – Honesty. Not trying to mold ourselves into other successful models out there. Regardless of how you act, people are going to react differently no matter what. So, might as well be yourself, as the late and great Chris Cornell once sang.

IMM – What have been your experiences in the music industry? Have they all been positive?

Newborn – The music industry is just like any industry. It’s all about the money.

IMM – What is the music scene in New York like compared to other areas of the world?

Newborn – No idea. But from what I hear Nashville seems like a pretty happening scene.

IMM – Where is your biggest fan base located?

Newborn – Here in New York.

IMM – What is the kind of feedback you have received from your fans?

Newborn – Are fans are incredibly gracious. We hear nothing but warmth and kindness from them, even after bad shows where we don’t deserve it.

IMM – Can you tell us which music video is your favorite to create and why?

Newborn – I’d have to go with Honey Trap because I secretly had a blast dressing up as Justin Bieber.

IMM – Who is your ‘go-to’ team in terms of your music, concert bookings, etc.?

Newborn – Our mgmt., Denise Gerardi and her team at 7 Crown Records in NYC

IMM – How important do you feel it is today for Musicians to have privacy in their personal lives?

Newborn – I feel privacy is important for anyone. However, being grateful for someone’s support is important too. If I were a famous musician and I went out to eat with my family and a fan ran up to me for a picture or an autograph, I’d put down my fork in a heartbeat.

IMM – In relation to the last question, what are your thoughts on the recent passing of Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell? Do you think that there is a lot of pressure for Musicians in today’s society?

Newborn – Society puts pressure on everyone, not just musicians. However, I think creative people generally are more sensitive to that pressure and to the harsh realities of the world. Of course, depression is not limited to just artistic types. We all have a capacity for darkness. So long as there’s a soul inside your body, it can be tortured.

IMM – Which instruments (aside from the ones the band currently plays) are each of you also proficient in?

Newborn – Eric plays the guitar. Riffs like a beast!

IMM – Final question: What advice would you give to new Musicians or young Artists joining the music industry today based on your own personal experiences?

Newborn – Don’t put out a song just because you think it’s catchy or has mainstream appeal. Go with who you are. I’m actually giving this advice to myself now as I speak. I’ve definitely shied away from turning more of the darker material into singles for fear of it not having enough radio appeal. The second piece of advice I would give is that nothing is that so long as you learn, there are no failures.


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