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Matt Lande - Boxes

Matt Lande | Indie Music Monday interview

April 2017

By Candice Anne Marshall


IMM – Hello Matt! Welcome to Indie Music Monday! We have you hosted on our site for the week of April 17th, 2017. Can you tell us what your thoughts were when you found out?

I was very grateful to be chosen out of so many artists. Thank you!

IMM – I had a look at your career background as well as your personal background via your bio on your Facebook page. Can you tell me what the most significant moment you recall in the transition from being in a band to being a solo Artist?

Besides the old days when I was a guitarist for a of couple bands, I’ve generally done my own music while having a backing band some of the time. At one point, I did decide to go with a band name instead of my own but it was still kind of the same setup. I like the feeling of having a band with me when I play because although I do write most all of my music on an acoustic guitar to start, I have the full production of a band in mind when recording it. Don’t get me wrong though, I also enjoy taking things back to a live acoustic performance at times to showcase where some of the songs started.

IMM – Your album ‘GLOW’ is reflective of your immense loss you experienced in such short time. Can you please tell us what it was like in the making of this album and the kind of personal experience it was for you?

During the writing and recording of ‘GLOW’, things were much different and I was in a different place emotionally than when recording the newest album. Dealing with the loss of 2 friends and some other things happening during the process made for a bit of a struggle with it all.

IMM – I can only imagine what you went through with your loss. I have experience with losing my aunt at the age of only 44 from cancer and complications. Big hugs! I saw that you have some exciting news to share for August 2017 you will be launching a new album! I also saw it was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in England. Let’s begin with asking: what was it like transitioning from the intense and emotional experience of the GLOW album to this new upcoming project?

Thank you. Big hugs back to you! It’s such a hard thing to see someone go through that pain and I’m very sorry to hear that.

The upcoming album was actually mastered at Abbey Road Studios which was a super cool experience because I was able to travel and be there in person for that but I ended up mixing ‘Boxes’ myself. When I started it all my plan was to produce and record this one on my own in my home studio but only when I was about halfway through or so did I decide I’d actually take the step to mix it myself as well. I’m not an expert at any instrument but I can find my way around some alright so for 7 months I wrote, produced, recorded and mixed the whole record. What I could not do though is play drums so an amazing young drummer named Alex Hendrix was kind enough to lend his amazing talent to it all and then having the opportunity to have it mastered by the iconic mastering engineer Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road was icing on the cake. I’m prouder of ‘Boxes’ than anything I have done. I can’t wait to see what everyone thinks of it. It releases August 4th, 2017.

IMM – What can we expect in terms of song quality? – you did record at Abbey Road after all!

I worked extremely hard at every aspect and detail of ‘Boxes’. I believe sonically and song wise it stands above work I’ve done in the past but that’s just my opinion so who knows. We will see what everyone thinks. 🙂 With this new record, folks will find some interesting rock rhythms with more up-tempo and powerful songs than some records I’ve done in the past. I wanted to make something that would rock people’s socks off while still taking them on a journey through the album. I shot for lots of contrast while keeping an overall cohesive feel to it. I think it will be a good album to take a road trip with or have in your iPod for your gym workout. 🙂

IMM – Who was your team behind the production of this album?

Just me this time which is a first in my career.

IMM – How many songs are there on the album?

There are 10 songs.

IMM – Will you be releasing the songs as singles or the album in it’s entirety in August?

‘Boxes’ will release fully on August 4th but some of the singles will hit college radio a bit before the release.

Matt Lande

IMM – What kinds of pressures are there for you in keeping to a schedule when preparing for an album release?

With this album, I was making the whole schedule. I tend to be a workaholic so I did well in keeping with it. I did however get my nerves going a bit and had some extremely long work days after setting the date for mastering. I knew I had to cram to finish mixing by that date and I barely did with one last tweak to a mix in a London hotel room the morning before heading over to Abbey Road to have it mastered. Some might say that I cut it close. 😉

IMM – Are there any tour plans for the remainder of 2017? Any festivals you will be attending during the summer months?

I actually have no tour plans as of now. We will see what comes up with that. I hate the idea of possible bed bugs in hotel beds anyway. ha

IMM – Where do you find your fanbase is the most concentrated in terms of countries?

I think it’s a pretty even mix around the world from what I see on social media and where merch is shipping to.

IMM – So let’s get into the title of the new album ‘Boxes’ – what’s behind the name?

Ya know, I don’t really like to push any of my personal meanings on anyone when it comes to my music but the idea behind ‘Boxes’ could be about someone packing away the stuff in life that holds them down or holds them back…like consolidating those things into boxes and putting them somewhere out of the way so they aren’t as easy to get to but you can still visit them at times when you want to remember where you’ve come from.

IMM – Which song on the album is your most favorite and why? Can we have a spoiler?

That is a tough question but I’d have to say either Underground, Gun or The Strangest Thing. Heck, I really don’t know because I want to list nearly all of them for their own reasons. There will be some trailers, clips and music videos to come as we get closer to the release. There is also a special group on FB that was made for those who would like to stay in the know on things and get exclusive peeks at new music and such. That group is found at https://www.facebook.com/groups/UndergroundElite.

IMM – In terms of your career, I saw that you had to overcome some serious stage fright at one time. Do you still occasionally suffer from it? How did you work to overcome it?

Oh yes, I do. Sometimes you just have to step out and do things you’re uncomfortable with. The fear doesn’t go away for me but it just becomes maybe more acceptable and familiar as part of the process of things.

IMM – Which radio stations have been playing your music – who would you like to acknowledge in this interview and give a shout out to?

Really every college and internet radio station that was kind enough to accept my last album for airplay. Over 100 college stations and several cool internet stations were fantastic enough to spin a somewhat dark and emotive album and I really appreciated that. The new album has some spit and zip on it so we will hopefully spice up the airwaves and bring folks back from the depression that the last album may have caused. ha

IMM – In terms of your music videos – who is your ‘go-to’ team?

More recently it’s been a great Portland, OR based production company called Man vs Film. We worked together on a video for a song off the last album called ‘Echo’ and we recently starting talking about doing a music video or two for the new album.

IMM – Can you tell us a bit about your songwriting process?

My songwriting process is pretty simple. I generally sit down with the acoustic guitar and if I start to come up with a chord progression or riff idea that inspires me I’ll pull out my phone and record it right then so I don’t lose it before it even has a chance…my mind tends to drift onto other ideas and then when I try to go back to the main one, that one has been lost forever. Anyway, from there I’ll hum different melodies and let myself be free with that to explore different options for the vocals. Lyrically things might start coming to mind at this point or there may have been a topic I was already thinking of writing about which I start to incorporate in.  I’ll continue structuring the rest of the music so it becomes a solid template to write all the lyrics and lyrical melodies to (for the time being) and then I may change some things here and there with that down the road in production. Speaking of production, as I’m writing a song, some of the production is also coming to life in my head…the rhythm, the story I want to tell with each instrument and how they can talk to each other without overshadowing the lead vocal, I think about the vocal harmonies, maybe a certain snare drum sound or certain guitar effect that may be cool, etc., etc. I never know what’s going to start coming to mind and that will continue to be taken away from, added to and polished as the song grows into what is ultimately what you hear on the album.

IMM – What instrument do you create your music on?

Right now, I pretty much exclusively write songs on my Taylor 714ce acoustic guitar.  On the new album recordings, I used the Taylor, I used Diamond electric guitars, an Epiphone Thunderbird bass for all the bass guitar, a Korg Krome Keyboard for most all of the samples, synths, keys, piano, etc. and my trusty inexpensive Rhode mic for all the vocals.

IMM – You are in Portland Oregon now correct? I thought I read that you have also spent some time in England as well…. where are you primarily based these days?

I am in Portland, OR now and this is where I spend most of my time. I played a charity event in England that was very special to me last year called ‘One More Shot’ and I will be doing so again in 2018. I really enjoy England as a whole as well and so it just seemed kind of fitting to have the new album mastered there.

IMM – Can you tell us what tour life is like and what you are looking forward to in terms of promoting your new album?

Well, as I said, bed bugs freak me out so that’s no good if you’re paranoid about that while you’re always having to stay in hotels. (I’m kind of sorta kidding.) But besides that, although it is tiring and you can certainly miss home, touring can be great and I do miss it at times for sure as I have been taking a long break from that side of things. Maybe ‘Boxes’ will cause a stir and I’ll be able to justify getting back on the road again though. Who knows. I sound like I’m 88 years old or something with a career that has spanned 4 decades. Sorry about that. ha

IMM – What does success mean to you?

It means I can survive enough, be happy enough and have enough to give something back to enrich the life of someone else. That feels like a successful day to me.

 IMM – Okay, final question Matt – can you tell us five things you would like to see happen in terms of your career and growth as a Musician in the next 12 months?

  1. In August, I will have commercially released over 50 songs in the past 8 years or so and I have only once or twice had a song placement in film or TV. I’d love to have the surprise of that happen with some of the songs from ‘Boxes’. Fingers always crossed.
  2. I hope that people will truly enjoy the direction I took with ‘Boxes’. I’m definitely nervous but excited for the release.
  3. I’d like to start mixing albums for other artists and bands when I can. I have a real passion for that.
  4. Putting together a sweet band. 🙂
  5. Write a hit song for someone else. That would be a pretty cool thing to watch unfold.

Thank you, Matt! We look forward to hearing the album and be sure to keep us in the loop!

Thank you!


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