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Katy Rose

By Candice Anne Marshall

IMM – Hello Katy Rose! Welcome to Indie Music Monday! What are your thoughts on being our feature Artist this week?

KR- Thank you so much! I’m very honored to be your featured artist of the week.

IMM – How did you connect with Indie Music Monday?

KR- IMM contacted me via Twitter, actually! It was all very modern, and I feel super hip.

IMM – I have read that you have experienced insincerity with social media…. can you explain more about that?

KR- Well, I certainly am grateful that I wasn’t on social media as a teenager or kid. I only got a personal Facebook about four or five years ago. I think social media is a really interesting social experiment in a way. I see kids and adults basically looking at how to market and brand themselves as human beings instead of just being human beings. It’s completely normal now to see people out on a beautiful day with their heads bent over, scrolling through Instagram instead of looking at the world around them. Everyone knows how to filter themselves. There’s an authenticity that is being lost. On the other hand, though, I see social media as very exciting and a really beautiful way to stay connected and in touch. This matters a lot to me since I’m always moving around and very far from many people I love. It’s made the world seem much smaller, which is good and bad!

IMM – This isn’t a debut experience when we speak in terms of your new music – you have, indeed, been in the music industry previous. Can you tell us a little more about that time and the transition into who you are today career-wise?

KR- Yes! I actually graduated from high school at 15 after signing with V2Records at 14. I essentially hit the ground running at that point! I was very fortunate to have good placements and have a first record that was well received around the world. It enabled me to see so much and drove me to work very hard. I toured extensively and have lived and traveled to so many parts of the world I maybe wouldn’t otherwise have had the opportunity to see. I took a step back from the touring artist life for a few years because I’d started at such a young age and wanted to take the time for myself to develop and explore different things! I began this current project a few years ago while I was traveling around writing for and with other people. My record label folded, so it’s been a real pleasure taking my time accumulating material and moving around the world to do so.

IMM – What are your thoughts on youth just entering into the music scene today? What advice would you give them based on your experiences?

KR- The other day I was driving through the English countryside with friends, listening to a punk rock mixed tape we’d found. My friend turned to me and said, “I’m just so happy that angry young people make music.” I thought that was such a funny and astute statement. The world needs the youth to have a voice through music! My advice to any young person entering the music world would be to just know your worth. Nothing is worth sacrificing your integrity or long-term happiness.

IMM – Let’s get into your music – you have had your songs featured on ‘Mean Girls’, ‘One Tree Hill’, and ‘Greys Anatomy’ (to name a few) – how did you land that gig?

KR- I’ve gotten my larger song placements (like “Mean Girls” and “Grey’s Anatomy”) 100% due to good timing and luck. That’s what so much of the music business is!

IMM – We are loving your new sound with ‘Somebody Got There First’ – can you tell us who your team was in the making of the video?

KR- Thank you so much! I’m thrilled that you love “Somebody Got There First.” That video was actually made by the incredible and hardworking team at Amazon Music. They’re fabulous.

IMM – Has there been radio play for the new single?

KR- “Somebody Got There First” is an Amazon Music exclusive, so no other radio play as of yet!

IMM – Can you tell us if your new song is a biographical account of a personal experience?

KR- I would say that all my songs certainly have bits and pieces of my own experiences in them! I wrote this song in Nashville, and it was actually based on a situation one of my friends was going through. I did wind up going through quite a similar ride, though, while recording the song. Maybe it was a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy! Haha

Katy Rose

IMM – What do you feel you are most proud of in terms of how you have evolved with your new music and/or projects?

KR- I look at writing songs as arts and crafts. When I began, I was purely doing it for the cathartic experience the art gave me. This made my writing more raw, but it also often made it very self indulgent.  I would say that I’m maybe most proud in my evolution as a songwriter, as far as the craft goes. I’ve definitely learned a lot over the years from the very talented artists I’ve been so honored to work with.

IMM – I have read that you have been compared to a Patti Smith of the new age – do you agree with this statement?

KR- Being called the Patti Smith of the new age is an honor and compliment so huge that I cannot really put into words how I feel about it! She is 100% my hero and life coach.

IMM – Can you tell us which entertainment sites you have had the best experience with in terms of promotion of your music?

KR- I recently did an exclusive with Amazon Music, and they were absolutely amazing.

IMM – This next question goes in line a little with what we asked earlier in this interview – can you tell us if you have had a negative experience with media?

KR- Sure! I started doing interviews for my first record at an extremely young age. I’ve always been a very sarcastic person and was certainly more so as a teenager! I use dead-pan comedy quite a lot in my daily life and did then too. Obviously, sarcasm isn’t always translated correctly in text. In many interviews as a teen, I think a lot of things I said were taken out of context. That, and I probably had the habit of sharing too much. I WAS only fifteen.

IMM – What is your idea or thoughts on what success in the music industry means?

KR- Oh, I think success in the industry is the same as success in anyone’s life path. I think it means something very different for other people. I have come to a place in my life where I see success only as being fortunate enough to live as an artist. Living a balanced and fun life with the people I love and creating always is what success is to me. Success to me really has nothing to do with accolades. I just love making music and writing songs. I’ve gotten to do that since I was twelve years old. There’s a feeling of success in that for me already!

IMM – We saw that you were in Paris recently…. what were you doing there?

KR- I fell in love with Paris while I was temporarily living there at sixteen and seventeen doing promotional tours. For me, the city has always felt like a warm embrace. It’s always felt right, if that makes any sense. Lucky for me, my best friend lived there up until recently, and my boyfriend currently lives there. This means I’ve spent quite a lot of time in Paris over the last few years! It’s my favorite place. I always leave with a fresh love for life and a cup full of calm inspiration.

IMM – Can you tell us what age range your fan base is primarily?

KR- I would say my fan base age group varies, but I think that it’s mostly people who were teenagers like me when “Mean Girls” came out. It’s fun. It’s like we’ve all grown up together!

IMM – Where are your fan numbers the greatest in the world?

KR- I toured a lot in Japan, the UK, the US, Canada, Europe, and Indonesia. It seems like there’s about an equal number of fans in these places! Maybe there are more in France and the U.K. nowadays? I should check that!

IMM – Can you tell us about five things no one really knows about you?

KR- Five things no one really knows about me are (1) I am secretly quite an introvert and thrive on a lot of alone time. (2) I am a huge history fanatic. (3) I was on my way to becoming a professional ballet dancer until I broke my leg in three places. (4) I am a 500RYT certified yoga teacher. (5) I majored in Child Development in college and ran a children’s theater for five years.

IMM – I know you are often asked who your music influences are and I hear a lot of resurrection in a vintage classic rock sound…. can you tell us where this comes from?

KR- Both of my parents are musicians who met in bands in the ‘70s. They’re both LA transplants, so my extended family in California was mostly made up of other ‘70s and ‘80s musicians. I’m sure this all had something to do with my love of classic rock. I DID have my own bunk on Crosby, Stills, and Nash’s tour bus during The Grateful Dead tour when I was three!

IMM – What are your thoughts on 2016 and how we lost so many in the music industry?

KR- 2016 was insane! My thoughts about the mega losses we experienced in the music world are just like most people’s. There was a lot of shock and sadness. To lose David Bowie AND Leonard Cohen to the other side gutted me in a huge way.

IMM – Why is Bob Dylan your fave (we noticed this in your social media posts)

KR- Isn’t Bob Dylan everyone’s fav? I think mostly I love and admire his very specific and unique style of song-writing. I was always drawn to artists who I would categorize as writers who also sang (as opposed to singers who sometimes wrote). This is why Dylan and Leonard Cohen, Lou Reed , Lucinda Williams, and Patti Smith records were always my lifelines in my adolescence (and today still). I suppose I really always have thought of myself as a writer first also.

Katy Rose

IMM – Can you tell us please where you feel the future of music is headed?

KR- Please don’t tell my family or boyfriend, but I am not actually psychic. I can guess (and hope) that music will probably begin heading towards much more organic ground again soon. That’s usually how it swings! We’ve been on this very heavily produced and more electronic path for some time. I hope we get back to the core of what a really powerful song is and become less preoccupied with cool sounds.

IMM – Can you tell us what your best fan experience was and why?

KR- All my fan experiences are good! They’re all such amazing people. I’d say it’s always really moving to play in places where English is not a first language and still have a crowd singing all of the lyrics I wrote. That’s always moving. Music and art should unite people. I’m a sucker for the moments when it feels like art is really is doing its job.

IMM – What was your best music peer experience?

KR- I don’t know if I would go so far as to describe Fiona Apple as a musical peer (because she’s an actual goddess and I adore her), but I would say that becoming good friends with Fiona in real life was/ has been the best musical peer experience I’ve had. She’s a beautiful human.

IMM – Alright, last question:

Can you tell us what the next 6-12 months looks like for you in terms of your career?

KR- Thank you for asking! The next year is going to be very busy for me! I’m beginning about a year cycle in the Fall. My album, “I’m Your Man,” will be released in three parts (with videos and extras in between the releases). I’m thrilled to be able to finally share this project! Look out for lots of live gigs in the US and Europe too!

IMM – Thanks Katy!

KR – Thanks so much, guys! This has been a pleasure.


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