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Codie Prevost

IMM Exclusive Interview | Codie Prevost

June 2017

by Candice Anne Marshall

IMM – Hello Codie! Welcome to Indie Music Monday (IMM)! Can you tell us a little bit about how you connected to IMM?

Codie – The Internet along with social media introduced me to IMM. There are so many incredible avenues for independent artists online and this is one of the best. Thank you for your support it means the world.

IMM – I saw that you have a new little addition to your family – how nice! What has fatherhood been like so far?

Codie – Fatherhood is amazing! It’s our 2nd child. Our first daughter Lyriq is now 2 and she loves being a big sister! It’s an amazing journey becoming a parent. You live your childhood all over again through your own kids.

IMM – I was recently looking on your website and saw that you are offering a ‘free album download’ to new fans signing up – can you tell us why you would offer this? So many Artists do this and I know how much hard work and investment goes into the production of your music.

Codie – My goal is to get as many people as possible to hear my music and get to know me as an artist. By having them join the mailing list we can make a deeper connection and it builds a huge support system for my music career.

IMM – So let’s talk about your new single ‘You Won’t Sleep Tonight’ – I sense that it’s a song that touches on your tour life and being away from the little miss…. can you tell us if that’s the case?

Codie – It was written exactly for that reason. It’s always tough being away from home for stretches at a time. There is always an anticipation that builds to get home to the ones you love. I believe it goes for any line of work that involves being gone for periods of time.

IMM – Can you tell us who your muse is?

Codie – I really love listening to music outside of the Country Music genre for inspiration. I listen to music by John Mayer, Train, Augustana, and other similar bands. I feel there is a certain creativity that goes into the production of these projects that inspires new ideas and creativity in myself.

IMM – What has the media response been to your new single?

Codie – The response has been overwhelming. I’ve got numerous messages and emails from radio and fans telling me how much they were enjoying the new music. It seems like a lot of anticipation has built for the new album!

IMM – Can you tell us when your new album will hit iTunes? We are excited!

Codie – The plan is for the album to be released this fall. I’ve worked on the album for over a year so it’s always a big moment when it’s finally released. As Artists, we love sharing our music.

IMM – What are you most proud of when you complete a song? What is the feeling like?

Codie – The thing that I’m most amazed by is that you basically start with nothing but a blank paper or word document. The next thing you know you have a song written. Then you enter into the studio and hear your musical vision come to life. It’s a very powerful experience.

IMM – Do you write all your own music?

Codie – I write the majority of my songs. I’ve made exceptions in the past when a song really hits home with me. When it comes down to the wire it is really my goal to make the best music possible and if that includes an outside song I am open to that option.

IMM – Can you tell us which song off the upcoming album is your favorite?

Codie – One of my favorite songs on the new album is a song called “Today’s Not My Day”. It’s a song about life and how sometimes it’s easy to take for granted how delicate it really is. It talks about my girls and seeing them grow up on their journeys. Personally, it’s one of my favorite songs.

Behind the scenes images from the making of Codie Prevost’s Someday Video in 2014. Photo by Electric Umbrella Images Inc.

IMM – What is a ‘day in the life’ of Codie Prevost like?

Codie – Depends if I’m on the road or at home. If I’m at home usually I get up around 5-6 a.m. and do some marketing working on social media gaining new people to hear my music. Then I usually head out for a morning jog. When I get back my girls are getting up so we usually have breakfast together. I then will use the rest of the day for writing, rehearsing, and meetings. If on the road it’s interviews, show setup, sound checks, get ready for show, perform show, pack up, then do it all over again the next day. 

IMM – I literally did an interview this week with John Ferriter for Starlight Music Chronicles – he has worked with Garth Brooks, who is his client. Can you tell me what you experience with him was like? I saw that you shared the stage with him…

Codie – The event was a Children’s Hospital Fundraiser. It was a small intimate event that had a very high-ticket cost. It was sold out and we got to kick things off and then Garth performed acoustically. It amazed me how when he performed you could see his passion for the craft shine through. A lot of money was raised for the Children’s Hospital that day!

IMM – In terms of Canadian Country Musicians, who do you look up to among your peers and why?

Codie – I’ve always looked up to Paul Brandt. When I was growing up in small town Saskatchewan he released his album “Small Towns And Big Dreams”. The album spoke to me and was really one of the deciding factors in me pursuing this dream of music!

IMM Can you tell us of a time, if ever, you had a difficult situation in terms of your career and how did you overcome it?

Codie – When I was starting out I wanted to travel to Nashville to record. I found out I would need about 20 thousand dollars to make this happen. For a kid 18 years old this seemed like a huge obstacle. I put together a 5-year business plan and went in to the bank but was not approved for the money, as it was a fairly risky investment. That’s when I went to a group called Community Futures and got funded to turn this goal into a reality. If you get one no don’t give up keep on going. 

IMM – If there was one Artist you would want to do a duet with, who would that be and why?

Codie – I’ve been asked this question in the past and I always respond with Keith Urban. He’s one of my favorite artists. There is so much to learn from such an incredible songwriter, Musician, and Entertainer.

IMM – Speaking of duets, are there any collaborations on your new album?

Codie – No duets on the new album. On my 3rd album “Get Loud” I did a duet on a song called “Cottoneye Joe” with my good friend Katie Love Hess.

IMM – What kinds of pressures are there for you in keeping to a schedule when preparing for an album release?

Codie – Usually around album release time there are a lot of pressures but all good pressures. There are telephone interviews, shows, written interviews, TV interviews, as well as distributing the album to industry professionals. There is the other side of sending out the album to blogs and podcasts for reviews. Basically, you want to be everywhere so it can be fairly demanding.

IMM – Are there any tour plans for the remainder of 2017? Any festivals you will be attending during the summer months?

Codie – We have a bunch of concerts this summer. Most of the festivals will be attended next year though as the new album will be out at that time. As an Artist, you really want to position yourself to get the most exposure when you have new music.

IMM – Where do you find your fan base is the most concentrated in terms of countries?

Codie –  A big part of my fan base is from Canada, United States, and also Australia now that I’ve been touring there. It’s a big opportunity with the Internet to now gain fans from countries all over the world. I’ve also been noticing more and more UK fans are starting to interact online! 

IMM – Which radio stations have been playing your music – who would you like to acknowledge in this interview and give a shout out to?

Codie – I’ve been blessed with a lot of support at radio all over the world. From Canada and United States to across the world in Australia. These days I’ve now also been getting a lot of support from online radio stations. Radio has changed and evolved with the Internet. Huge shout out to every single radio station that play my music. Your support is greatly appreciated!!

IMM – In terms of your music videos – who is your ‘go-to’ team?

Codie – I’ve been shooting lots of music videos with the folks in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan at Electric Umbrella. They are great to work with and have very strong creative ideas that stand apart. As an independent artist standing apart is very important.

IMM – Can you tell us a bit about your songwriting process?

Codie – Ideas can come from anywhere. From reading books, to something you may see on TV. You always have to be ready to write down ideas. Once the ideas are on paper I usually pull out my guitar find a melody and start writing. When I reach a certain point of having a draft then I’ll do some fine-tuning such as cut out words, change words, or add in new parts. It’s good just to let the creative process flow when it’s happening.

IMM – What instrument do you create your music on?

Codie – Most of my songs are written using an acoustic guitar. There are times I will create a new groove using drum samples in pro tools and write from that. Sometimes it helps with creativity to switch things up.

IMM – Can you tell us what tour life is like and what you are looking forward to in terms of promoting your new album?

Codie – I love performing at music festivals. It’s such a great opportunity to get to meet new fans and connect with current fans, as all music fans are likely to attend these events. I am most excited to get feedback and see what everybody thinks of the new music.

IMM – What does success mean to you?

Codie – Success to me is getting to do what I love in life. It means finding passion in my work and finding a way to make a living at it. It’s been fulfilling being a full-time artist and I have all my fans, family, and friends to thank for it!

IMM – Okay, final question – can you tell us five things you would like to see happen in terms of your career and growth as a Musician in the next 12 months?

Codie –

  • Top ten radio single in Canada
  • Release radio single in the United States.
  • Get more tour dates in the United States.
  • Continue growing my mailing list to 20,000
  • Secure an opening act tour across Canada with a well-established band.

IMM – Thank-you Codie !


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