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By Candice Anne Marshall

IMM – Hello Ashliegh and welcome to Indie Music Monday IMM)! Let’s get right into it: In your bio, I read that you also worked with your inspiration Carrie Underwood. Can you tell us how that came about and what that experience was like?

Ashliegh – I first heard the demo for ‘Kill The Headlights’ in 2012, while on a trip to record a project in Nashville. I loved the song so much that I ended up recording it a year later and I knew it would be my very first radio single! It wasn’t until after I recorded the song that I realized Carrie Underwood was a co-writer on it, so I was super excited!

IMM – I see that you began your career at a very early age….how old are you now?

Ashliegh – I started performing in my hometown when I was 12 years old. I’m 22 now, and it’s crazy to think how time has flown by since then.

IMM – What words of advice would you offer to young artists wanting a career in music?

Ashliegh – Be fearless in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. Someone told me that once, and it’s stuck with me. No matter how hard, and unattainable something might be, go for it anyways. It’s doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

IMM – How would you say your experience with song-writing has come along since you began on this career path? Do you write your own lyrics?

Ashliegh – I’m the first to admit that I’m a vocalist first, songwriter second. Some people are songwriters first, and vocalists second. While being a natural born songwriter isn’t something that I am, I still write every day. Some things I write are good, while others aren’t… ha! It’s a learning process, and I’m learning, because I want to put out music with own writing very soon.

IMM – How involved are you in terms of your song-writing?

Ashliegh – I always try to make it a point to sit down, and put in my own ideas. I think music should be a reflection of who we are as individuals. So, whether it’s just a line or two, I always try to be involved.

IMM – What has been your most memorable live performance to date and why?

Ashliegh – Joe Diffie was a great experience! I mean, he’s a country music legend. It was just the most incredible thing all around!

IMM – What radio stations have been spinning your music? Who would you like to give a shout-out to?

Ashliegh – There’s honestly so many, some big, and some small. I want to thank ALL of them for playing my music, because I’d be nowhere without them!

IMM – How has your music helped heal your family from the loss of your father?

Ashliegh – Though my story is tragic, it has been my platform, and main driving force behind why I do what I do. I want people to know that there’s healing after tragedy. Music was an escape for me during that dark time, and it still is.

IMM – What is a deal-breaker for you in terms of what you are or aren’t willing to do for your music career?

Ashliegh – I’m not willing to give up who I am as an individual. I know that sounds cliché, but it’s true. Sometimes you’re in this industry fighting for so long, you almost do anything to have it, and that’s not me. I’d rather keep doing it the hard way, remembering why I started this path, and I believe when the time is right…it will happen for me.

IMM – Can you tell us what the next 6 months look like for your career in terms of music releases and live performances?

Ashliegh – The next 6 months is solely about the music. Writing and recording. Nashville is going to be in my future, and I’m excited about that!

Ashliegh Lisset

IMM – Are there any major tours coming up for you?

Ashliegh – No tours planned right now, but hopefully sometime next year!

IMM – Which media platforms (aside from radio) have been most supportive of your music?

Ashliegh – I’ve met some incredible fans via Twitter! They’re always tweeting me, and I always tweet them. It’s a lot of fun talking about music, and other things with them. They’ve all been so supportive over the years.

IMM – What has been your most memorable fan experience?

Ashliegh – When I performed on Sirius XM’s The Highway – Highway Find stage in 2014. After the show, there were fans lined up wanting to see/meet me. I thought that was super cool!

IMM – Can you tell us five unique things about you that no one knows about?

Ashliegh – I’m very much an introvert. I’m really into zodiac signs (I’m a Scorpio). I’m addicted to Hot Cheetos. I’m obsessed with my dog (his name is Titan, he’s a bully, and he’s the cutest!). I like to travel, A LOT.

IMM – What things have you overcome while building your music career?

Ashliegh – I’ve overcome being shy. When I first started, I was so terrified of performing in front of people, and let alone having to socialize with them after a show. Eventually I overcame that.  I also had to develop “thick skin” and learn that “NO” doesn’t mean failure, it just means I must work harder.

IMM – What does the word ‘SUCCESSFUL’ mean to you?

Ashliegh – Being successful has never meant to me what it means in the dictionary. To me it means, chasing a dream, loving what you do, and inspiring others to do the same.   I don’t do this for fame or fortune. I do this, because love to sing and want others to be inspired by my journey. If I can impact a life in a positive way, that’s success.

IMM – What do you think is the most important thing you would like to give back to people (other than being an inspiration through your music)?

Ashliegh – Hope. I want people to realize that even through the bad times (the storm), there’s always something good to come from it (the sunshine). Hope is a very powerful thing to give someone. That’s what I want for all people.

IMM – Are you involved in any charities or charity events?

Ashliegh – Yes. I’m an ambassador for Folds of Honor. They’re a military organization who provide scholarships to spouses, children of fallen, and disabled veterans. Working with them has been incredible and it’s so important to me, because I can relate to the cause. They have so many incredible events that they hold year-round for the military families. I encourage everyone to visit FoldsofHonor.org to learn more about them!

IMM – Aside from your father, what also drew you into the country music scene?

Ashliegh – I grew up around music. My weekends where spent with family who would sing and play guitar. Country music is something I really connected with from an early age, it always has a story to tell, and that’s why I love it so much.

IMM – What is life like in Nashville – I read that you live there currently correct?

Ashliegh – I live in Dallas, TX. I spend a lot of time in Nashville because I do all my writing sessions and most of my recording there. However, I plan on making the move very soon! Being around nothing but music is going to be incredible.

IMM – What is a ‘day in the life’ like for you?

Ashliegh – I have a part time job, so that takes time during the week. Thankfully, it allows me more than enough time for music and social media.

IMM – What do you find is most challenging having a music career?

Ashliegh – It’s very hard when you get so close, then you realize it’s another door that gets closed in your face. I do my best to stay motivated. All it takes is one yes!

IMM – What is the most personally rewarding having a music career?

Ashliegh – All the incredible people I’ve gotten to meet, and all the opportunities I’ve had. I wouldn’t have done half the things I’ve done as an artist, if it wasn’t for my fans. I’m so thankful for the opportunities I’ve been given over the years and will never take that for granted.

IMM – Are there going to be any duets in the hear future?

Ashliegh – I don’t have any planned, but the thought has crossed my mind!

IMM – Okay, final question: If you had not pursued a career in music you would be a _______________.

Ashliegh – Forensic Pathologist. Crime scene and investigation has always fascinated me. Thank you for the interview!


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