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Luke Wade | Interview

January 2, 2017

By Candice Anne Marshall | Editor Indie Music Monday

CM – Hello Luke! Welcome to Indie Music Monday! We are thrilled to feature you on the front page of our site. When did you first hear that you were being featured on our site?

LW – Just now. So excited. Thank you!!!

CM – What was your reaction?

LW – Thrilled, of course. I’m always thankful to have a tastemaker in the music world get behind what I’m doing. I don’t make music for the validation, but it doesn’t hurt.

CM – So let’s get into who you are as a Musician and Individual – after reading your bio on your website, it sounds like you have been through some huge life challenges! Even a near-death experience. Can you tell us a little more about this and how it has helped you with the kind of music you are writing?

LW – I feel the most important and often the most fun difficult part of creating is living. If stuff isn’t happening to you, it can be difficult to have new things to write about, so in that way, I’m glad that things have happened to me, and I’m also so grateful that I have had music to turn events, painful or otherwise, into art.

CM – indeed your song ‘On Fire’ is a very emotional song and speaks of passion and being in love with someone who ignites that ‘fire’ within. It’s a beautiful song! Has anyone ever told you that your sound is much like Maroon 5?Luke Wade Portrait

LW – I think I’ve been compared to just about everyone, and I  happen to be a fan of Adam as an artist and a human, so that works for me. I’m a fan of that song as well. It really enjoy songs that I can inhabit that help me perform towards the emotion of the song.

CM – Your next single ‘Passenger Side’ is equally as stunning! Can you tell us why there is such a differentiation in the songs with regards to their lyrics? Are these songs about personal experiences?

LW – I think life is a dichotomy, so music should be as well. Both songs are about passion, just from a different perspective. On Fire is about new love that is so hot, it feels like it’s burning down and burning up all at the same time, while Passenger Side is about getting back to the fire of youthful love when you’ve been in a relationship for a long time.

CM – Can you tell us a little bit about your historical timeline with regards to your music career?

LW – I started playing guitar at age 17 when I was in High School in Dublin, TX. Around 2003, I put a band together in college called “Hurt Street” that was together for about 5 years. We played all around Texas. After that I moved to Fort Worth, TX, and put together, “Luke Wade and No Civilians,” in 2010, and began to put together a vision closer to my personal creative vision. I was on “The Voice” in 2014, and now I’m living in LA an about to release a new album under my name.

CM- What instruments do you play?

LW – I play guitar and keys, but I don’t really consider myself an instrumentalist.

CM – What has the media response been like with regards to your upcoming album release for ‘Only Ghosts’? Are there any you would like to give a shout out to?

LW – Definitely, Team Coco and Baeble music , for sure! The response has been great. It’s fun after the singles start becoming available and you get to watch the view counts go up!

CM – ‘Three Days’ will be the first single released off the ‘Only Ghosts’ album that releases January 13th and it’s brilliant! The video is exceptional. Can you tell us about the creative team behind it, where it was filmed, etc.?

LW – It was all Ally Zonsius. She was incredible to work with!! it was all done around LA in September.

CM – What radio stations have already begun spinning this song?

:W – Not sure. My manager gets the radio reports, not me. LOL.  I do know that It has stayed on the Top 12 playlist in Ireland since before Thanksgiving!

CM – We also saw that you have a fantastic tour lined up that begins January 12th in San Diego, CA. Are you getting excited for it? Have you been looking at touring in other countries as well?

LW – I love touring. I always say that the best part of going on the road. This my first tour with a new album since The Voice, so I’m excited to see what it looks like when you add those things together. My buddy Matt Mcandrew is going on the road with me which would make things all the more awesome.

CM – What has the fan response been like? Are there any fans in particular you would like to give a shout out to as well?

LW – There are so many incredible supporters that I feel like naming one or two would be unfair, so I’ll just say that my family, my manager, and girlfriend are amazing!

CM – So tell us about the album ‘Only Ghosts’ – how long did it take you to create the album in its entirety?

LW – I started writing it January 2015, and finished May 2016. It was an awesome experience. I worked with two of my favorite producers: Jordan Critz and Billy Harvey. I also got to record at my dream studio down in Austin with Jim Vollentine with some of the best in the business.

CM – What was the process like for you to create this and can you tell us about the albums’ theme?

LW – It’s a lot of trial and error. I wrote about 50 songs to get the 10 that ended up on the album, and recorded a lot of demos that will never see the light of day. It starts with the songs, then the producer player and the sound. The theme is just overcoming the fear that separates us from one another. The things we least want to share are often what we have the most in common with one another.

CM – What is your favorite, most personal song on this album?

LW – It changes, but I think my favorite song is “On Fire.” I just love the production and the feel of the song.

CM – You grew up in Texas! I have family in Texas actually. It’s a beautiful state! Can you tell us about the Music scene there and what the support is like for Artists?

LW – Texas is like its own country. There’s a lot of musicians that make their living almost solely touring in Texas. It has its own scene and industry, which is very unique. Fort Worth, in particular is becoming an incredible breeding ground for artists.

CM – We would also like to support you on our Starlight Music Chronicles platform the ‘Spotlight’. We have features from some of the industry’s high caliber Artists on there and are happy to include you in on it! Being Editor of both platforms – Indie Music Monday and SMC allows me to share features to both platforms. Can you tell me a little bit about your thoughts on being A-listed on our site?

LW – Really?! Thanks you so much!!! Having been in the industry for so long, I never stop appreciating appreciation, so YAYYYYYYY!!!

CM – What is your demographic? What is your largest age range group of fans and where in the world are they most active?

LW – In the world, it’s probably the US, then Brazil, after that, Ireland, and definitely female 18-34. Aren’t analytics awesome?!

CM – When you set out to begin this journey with music, what was the one thing you hoped you would accomplish overall in your career? What one thing is most important to you?

LW – I wanted to make something that represented me in a honest way that people love. I also wanted to travel the world to share it with people. I would say connection is the most important. Making people feel less alone for a few minutes at a time.

CM – Fans often like to know this: What is a day in the life of ‘Luke Wade’ like start to finish?  

LW – The thing about being a touring musician is that nothing is regular. When I’m on the road, I usually do press in the morning, sound check, hang around the venue, play the show, then head to the next venue. When I’m home in LA, I usually wake up around 7am to get my lady coffee… We work next to each other until she has to leave for work, then I try to write, and if I can’t I like to get outside and do something active.

CM – Can you tell us of a moment in your career that was most memorable to you?  

LW – I feel fortunate to have a few. My blind audition on the voice was pretty incredible. There was also a Luke Wade cruise in the Hudson around New York that was pretty remarkable.

CM – What do the next 3-6 months look like for you?

LW – Lots of press and touring all over the world. So excited.

CM – What are your thoughts about the Music Industry in general and the challenges you have personally faced?

LW – It’s difficult, but I hear it always has been. In the course of my career I’ve seen music sales go down to basically nothing, but I am still managing, so I feel fortunate to get to do what I love, and do it independently.

CM – What advice would you give to anyone starting out in the Music Industry?

LW – Find a mentor and learn. Learn everything you can, and learn complimentary skills like graphic design, live audio, production design, hair, makeup, video editing, photography… If will give you something to help support you early in your career, but will also give you an additional way to network in the music industry if you use your skills to service people who you want to meet and work with.

CM – Last question: Can you tell us about 5 things that are unique about you that your fans don’t know?


  1. I have my degree in Political Science.
  2. I used study astronomy and  work at a planetarium.
  3. I cut off my pinky when I was 10 and had it sewed back on.
  4. I love comics and superhero movies.
  5. I have a pottymouth.

CM – Ha ha Great Stuff! Thank you Luke!




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