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Indie Music Monday | Indie LAgone

By: Candice Anne Marshall

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IMM– Hello Indie LAgone! We are thrilled to have been able to host you this past week on the front page of our site! What was your reaction when you found out you were our featured Artist for the week of August 21st, 2017?


We were stoked. We can’t thank you enough for giving us an opportunity to get our music out there and let people get a little more insight into the band.

IMM-How did you hear about Indie Music Monday?


We were lucky enough to be chosen on Reverbnation. We really like the message you all are putting out there and we are honored to be a featured artist.

IMM-For the sake of our new readers, can you tell us a little bit about each one of the band members and which instruments they play?


Singer/Allen Coming from a musical family Allen has been playing of his life. He has been writing and playing live since his early teens. Instruments to his credit would be Vocals of course and then Piano, Guitar, Bass and a Drum Hack. Hahahaha

Guitarist/Jason-Been playing for about 18 years. Kinda of a nerd and loves video games. Just had a baby in January and trying to keep up.

Bass/Belcher-…life long musician, music lover

Drums/Fugate- If it makes noise, I am on it!

IMM-Are there any other instruments that the band is proficient in?


We all play a little of everything except drums for J. Allen has been running the synth so he has become quite proficient on keyboard and everyone in the band plays around with keyboard and some other electronic equipment. We try to have at least a basic understanding of everyone’s instrument to better communicate ideas.

IMM-I see that you are all from Knoxville, Tennessee. Can you tell us a little bit about how you all met?


Allen and Belcher are founding members of the band. Allen, Belcher and Fugate had all played music together at one point or another within the scene. The Knoxville music scene was not always so big and so cross pollination was inevitable. Jason was later found after a response to an online ad looking for a guitarist. He came out and had a meet and greet at a show and we clicked. It has been a struggle ever since. LOLOL

IMM-What has the media support been like for your music?


Indie LAgone InterviewIt’s a struggle for any up and coming band to find a way to break into most aspects of the music industry including media support. There are so many competing for the same stage. Luckily Indie Lagone have had a lot of people show interest and support has grown steady from the beginning. The grind is real though people. We still have to work hard to make those contacts and keep them. We have not had anybody really come down on us for our music, so we will chalk that up to a win win.

IMM-What has been your favorite creative project to date?


We would say the video to “Waters”. It was just plain fun to do. We loved getting to be creative and do something different than just jamming. Everyone was just into it and had a blast. We’re making fun of each other and just goofing off. We think we will be making a lot more videos in the future. They are nice break from the norm. They also give us another creative outlet. Sometimes we can get so engulfed in the work, that sometimes we have to remember to have some fun. Videos are great way to do that.

IMM-Are you involved with any organizations or charities?


We have been involved with HARC (Hydrocephalus Awareness Rock Concert) for the last few years and are honored to be invited back. We have also been able to raise awareness for Autism. It is awesome to be a part of something bigger than your own agenda.

IMM-What do you feel is the difference between the kind of support you have received in North America as opposed to other areas of the globe?


We have been super lucky to have a lot of stations pick us up overseas. Their taste in music is a bit different than the US. We kind of don’t fit the normal mold of a rock band from America. That may be why the arms seem to be open a little wider for an independent band from Knoxville, Tn. We have a station in Australia and a few in Europe that spin our stuff regularly and we could be more appreciative. We think the biggest difference is that America is more of a Trending nation. We seem to gravitate toward what is now. We get a little of one thing and devour it until we can’t stand to taste it anymore. Then… we move on to the next. However; with that said, the majority of our base is right here within the good ol’ United States. Yay! Our music was made in the USA by Americans. We didn’t out source anything. 😊

IMM-Which markets have you found it most difficult to get into mainstream: North America or the UK?


I would say America is a bit more challenging just because of the sheer volume of bands and artists. There is so much competition its difficult to break away and set yourself apart from all the others. The market is over-saturated with good bands, so it really comes down to who has the better business plan. Social networks help but the whole planet seems to be selling something.

IMM-Who are your comrades on the North American Music Scene? Who among your peers would you like to give a “shout out” to?


Definitely want to thank Brian Vodinh from 10 years for recording our new stuff. He has a lot of insight into the industry, gave us great advice on the songs, and put a nice mix down for us. There are a bunch of people who we would love to recognize, but the list is long. From local and national agents, to bands that have let us open for them. We can’t afford to leave one out so the shoe now enters mouth on this one.

IMM-Do you have any interesting tour stories?


When we were in Asheville we were hanging out after the show watching the other bands. The last band came out and looked quite disheveled but then proceeded to blowing us away. They were super talented but the moment we all remember was the singer used a balloon to have an on stage abortion. They acted it out everything. It was hilarious and disturbing. Without a doubt entertaining. Blood everywhere. Something no one could ever forget for sure.

IMM-What has been your most memorable “fan moment”?


That is a tough one. However; there was a Tequila intoxicated female who made her way onto the stage and proceeded play the guitar with her mouth. We have pictures to prove it. Not exactly the most in tune we have heard that guitar sound, but she was quite proficient in her playing. Bahahaha!

IMM-What has been the biggest compliment you have received from an Industry Professional?


While working with the A&R rep from a Sub of Sony we were told that our newest cuts “I Pray” and “Fire”, were great and he had no criticism to give. With as much as people like to give their opinions, we were taken back and a bit stunned.

IMM-Can you tell us about your experiences with radio support?


We had a great radio station in Knoxville for years that played local music on Sundays. They spun our stuff regularly and we got to do interviews there frequently. It was cool to hear people call in and ask questions. Just basically give them an opportunity to hear what we are really like. College radio are out buds. We love college radio. The spectrum is wide and we seem to always find somewhere we can fit in. College Radio Rules!

IMM-Tell us about what projects you have coming in the next 6-12 months.


Indie LAgone InterviewWe have been cooped up for what seems like forever. Writing, recording and planning. We are finishing up recording a few more of the new tracks and releasing videos for Pray and its follow up, Fire. We are kind of on this single kick right now but are headed in to do a full length as soon as 10 Years is off the road, freeing up our producer/engineer. We have been working our tails off creating a new show for all of the new material we have. Fans will get to experience a whole new set and a revamped and refueled Indie Lagone. We are so eager to get out and start playing some shows again.


IMM-What do you think defines “success” in your music career?


I think just having the opportunity to do it for a living. Making enough money off either licensing or touring is the end game for any band. Of coarse we would love to have that hit song that catapults our careers but I think we would be happy with just making enough cash to do it full time. True success though for all of us is measured by every fan that steps through the door, listens on a station or friends us on a network. As long as someone is moved by or loves what we do, we consider ourselves blessed and successful.

IMM-Can you tell us what the last five songs are on your playlist?


Jason- I’m a Pandora head and I’ve been on an Instrumental Chill radio kick. So I’ve been listening to a lot of Black Mill, Mitis, Emancipator, Ricky Mears, and Killigrew.

Fugate- Barney’s Greatest Hits, Madonna, Rico Suave’, Tiny Tim, Tiffany

Allen- Ah… well… Don’t judge me. Nothingmore, Queens of the Stone Age, Royal Blood, Mastadon, Robert Plant, Pink

IMM-List five things about each of the band members that no one knows, this is always something that the fans like to know!


Belcher- Long Term Bartender, x Skate boarder, car restorer, likes to play guitar and drums… and other stuff lol

Fugate- I wear my sunglasses at night, I sleep in a onesie, I am afraid of clowns, Allen is my idol, I identify as a …..

Allen- I am actually a shy person with huge self esteem issues. As opposed to being a handicap I have used it as a challenge. Sometimes it wins. I love Crossfit and Spartan Races. I am a surfer at heart and I hope I die on a beach but without sand in my pants and beneath a cool sunset breeze. I have male pattern baldness on the back of my calves. Finally, the best part of waking up is Folgers in my cup… with a shot of Rum.

Jason- I have recently became a LPN and work as a private duty nurse. I’m a bit OCD and need thing to be in their proper spots LOL. I spent 2005-2006 overseas in the Army Reserve. I can rap pretty well hahah. I watch to Bob Ross to go to bed a lot.

IMM-Alright, last question: What is the one thing you would all like to accomplish in your career?


Fugate- Absolute freedom!

Allen- I would like to be able to leave this world knowing I made an impact. That all the time spent was not just a pipe dream and of a masturbatory nature. I would like for my kids to be able to share what I have created with them and for my wife to see that the sacrifice was not for a CD laying at the bottom of a landfill. My house will fade, no one will remember that I kept an immaculate yard, that I paid my bills on time, that I could build anything you asked me to, or that I was a great guy. But, 100 years from now I would like my music to still be touching people. Like Elvis, The Stones, Zeppelin, James Brown and Marky Mark. 😊

Jason-I would like to see our song on a chart and doing well. Just to know enough people are listening and connecting with a song on that level would be cool.

Belcher-World Tour


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