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This week we are featuring something a little different from our norm! Newborn, a fitting name for an act who is creating music to please those who are tired of the same ole, same ole! Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Newborn have performed at notable venues like Knitting Factory, Bowery Electric, Mercury Lounge and more. Newborn currently have two excellent EP’s out, Broken Virgo and Newborn – both are on Spotify for your streaming pleasure and we urge you to listen to every track. You’re sure to find a lot of enjoyment doing so as I have had while listening on ReverbNation from which I discovered them.

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When you think of emerging bands from Brooklyn you think of the endless artistic conveyor belt that is Williamsburg and Bushwick. Newborn however, both geographically and musically, hail completely from the other side of town. Growing up in Coney Island, singer/guitarist Allen James and bassist Eric Weglicki met in high school where they began playing music together and obsessing over bands like Muse, Nirvana, Pink Floyd, and Metallica. It wasn’t long before they formed a band of their own. They called it “Newborn” which represents a time in life where everything seemed possible. In 2015, the band instantly catapulted onto the New York City music scene with a handful of well received shows and two outstanding EP’s which have been described as “pure as anything the Beatle’s have done”

Their single “Runaround” has been played on FM radio (Q104.3) and on national college radio, and their latest tune “Honey Trap” was recently described by Jamsphere magazine as “indeed as pure as anything the Beatles have done”.  However, this band is so much more than their catchy tunes…

While songs like “Runaround” and “Honey Trap” easily get listeners through the door, it most certainly is the soulful maturity of their deeper and darker material that turns listeners into fans.  With their beautifully haunting melodies, poetic and thought provoking lyrics, James’s soulful voice  and of course, their memorable hooks… Newborn has the potential to become as big and as timeless as their influences.

Often described as “alternative rock”, it is somewhat difficult to truly contain Newborn into one genre. For this band it is most certainly about the music and not the label, and with a sound so diverse and unique, Newborn has the ability to capture fans from virtually every corner.

“We just take it song by song rather than think how we are supposed to sound as a whole,” says frontman Allen James. “Different moods create different tunes and we never deny anything that doesn’t sound “hard rock enough”, as long as it’s good music. I’m really proud of our diverse sound. Personally, I never enjoyed listening to a band who’s songs all sound the same. I think contrast is underrated. The hard stuff compliments the soft stuff and vice versa.”

The band has played some of New York’s most notable venues including Irving Plaza, Gramercy Theater, Stage 48, and many more. In June of 2017, drummer Dave Goldenberg joined the band, taking Newborn’s sound to a whole new and exciting level. Whether it’s stadium rock n’ roll or soft ballads, indeed, this power trio is making the noise our generation deserves


Allen James– Vocals / Guitar
Eric Weglicki – Bass
Dave Goldenberg – Drums


“At a time when most attention is being thrown towards bands that deliver cold, corporate rock, Newborn has a spirituality that will touch listeners unlike anything else in the genre right now.” – Jamesphere magazine

“Brooklyn band ‘Newborn’ give new life to rock – New single and upcoming EP” – Top 40 Charts:

“Rock is not dead. Brooklyn trio Newborn released a new single called ‘Runaround’ last week, and it is everything you have been waiting for!” – Axs Magazine

“This self-titled release is sure to result in big progressions for New York’s Newborn, with an increasingly varying repertoire of talent and potential, the live performances are sure to be interesting, as well as the world is sure to start noticing these guys.” – Lock In Music

Pure Grain Audio: “The Coney-Island natives are forging a path for a new generation of rock lovers with a DIY attitude and mainstream accessibility.”

Pop Matters: “Right from the outset of their Broken Virgo EP it becomes clear that Newborn is of a different ilk than the seemingly endless “Brooklyn – based” bands in the world at the moment”
Diffuser.fm: “Newborn are known for their DIY ethos and strict focus on bringing back unsullied rock and roll; that mission is expertly captured in ‘Uma’, a song about lost love.”
Ghost Cult: “Pulse’ off of Broken Virgo has foreboding riffage, clever lyrics, and a confidence lacking in a lot of new rock bands. They are looking to make a dent in the scene in a bag way with this release.”

New York Music Daily: “If Metallica was a Coney Island High band, they’d be Newborn. The song (Broken Virgo) is a big stadium anthem.”



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