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Lucien Dante

Brain HeartWe discovered this talented young man via ReverbNation and the wow’s we heard on social media after sharing his music and photo, fans girls and instant fans every where! Check out our Featured Artist Interview | Lucien Dante

Lucien is currently working on a new single that should be released in about a month. He is also working on an EP that he will be releasing in June shortly before his “Summer West Coast Tour” that’s currently in the planning stages.

Be sure to check out Lucien’s latest release, “BrainHeart” via iTunes.

Los Angeles based, Chicago born, Germany refined Vocalist, Musician, Producer and Multimedia Artist Lucien Dante has always been attentive to mastering his craft. Though a skilled musician, designer, sculptor and painter, most of his attention rests in harnessing his voice. His sound fits into the musical genres of pop, EDM, alternative, R&B and acoustic. His sources of inspirations aren’t only rooted in artists he enjoys, but also in the environment surrounding him. For Dante, he has cultivated his voice by recording himself and unfolding his voice’s textures and the textures’ resonance, rather than relying on listening to his inspirations and attempting to mimic – he’s an individual, reverberating with uniqueness. Among the many tracks recorded on his own, he has recorded multiple singles, an EP and an LP since signing to his current label, DEG Records, in early 2015. His latest 18 track LP “Our Of We” brings you along on a spiritual journey with Dante as your guide. Post album he has released two singles, “Do It For The Heart” released early 2016 and the recently released “BrainHeart” A national tour is planned for Spring/Summer 2017.



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