Brielle Von Hugel

USA // Staten Island, New York



Brielle Von Hugel

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Brielle’s dynamic, soulful, emotive voice and personality can be described as modern-day vintage. This singer/songwriter mixes pop-edge with yesterday’s bluesy, smoky tones to give her musical storytelling grit—unapologetically honest and straightforward—commanding her audience to not just listen—but to feel. Brielle brings refreshment back into pop music, where her singing takes center stage underlining her reputation among her contemporaries as a voice to be reckoned with.

Brielle always took music seriously and, from a young age, entertained audiences. Music runs in the family—her dad was a doo-wop vocalist. Her powerful pipes have garnered her multiple television and press appearances, such as: FOX’s Good Day New York, Industry Magazine, and various fundraisers including the March of Dimes, the TEAL Walk, and the Steven Siller Foundation. At age 16, Brielle was one of the Top 12 girls’ semi-finalists on Season 11 of American Idol.

Brielle’s YouTube videos have amassed over 2 million views, reinforcing her popularity and mounting fan base. These videos, which showcase her myriad of talents, received spotlight attention from Billboard.com, Mashable, RyanSeacrest.com, Hollywood Gossip, Philip Phillips, and Haley Williams of Paramore. Her recent collaboration with Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox has further gained her recognition and kudos from fans across the globe.

Brielle’s music is a soul journey—through her work and everyday life she encourages her fans to be themselves and not to judge others. A lyric from her future release, “Stereo” summarizes how Brielle—through her music—practices what she preaches, of how she’s been liberated from the confines of conformity and secured wings of her own: “I’m not better, I’m just different.” And so, she continues to soar.

Under F.r.e.e.d.o.m. Records, Brielle is currently in the studio working on her sophomore EP with its release planned later this year.

Brielle’s Inspiration for “Naked”

“My inspiration for Naked stemmed from my strong desire to inspire young women. All of my life, I’ve had such powerful female role models to look up to and I would love if someday my voice and my music could teach girls to love themselves, to live confidently and to follow every dream they’ve ever had.

Naked is about finally letting go of your doubts and truly being your raw, unique, beautiful self for the first time. Living freely as you are and as you’re supposed to be! Knowing that you are worthy enough to conquer it all!

This song relates to me on such a personal level as I was bullied in school about my big ears sticking out and my appearance– as well as struggling with anxiety. The more I grew, the more I realized that my ears sticking out a bit or my anxiety wasn’t who I am or what defined me. Embrace your flaws! Be you, all of YOU! The whole world feels completely different when you love your own beauty, inside and out.”



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