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By Candice Anne Marshall

IMM – Hello Luke! Wow! So much has happened since we last spoke! Congratulations on signing with Sony/Family Tree! Now, we want to know ALL about it! How did this come about?

LP – Well, it came out of the blue really! So, someone played a few of my songs around and Family Tree (Sony) in Sweden got to hear them. They got in touch and it was all really quick. Just took a few days with lawyers going backwards and forwards ha-ha

IMM – I know personally that I have always seen great potential with your music and career. How do you feel about it personally in terms of the encouragement and support you’ve gotten in the industry?

LP – I’ve said it before but the industry is so tough today and I really wasn’t expecting any of this. I’m just glad that I get to do music and pursue this dream.

IMM – Was there ever a time in your career when you felt like quitting?

LP – Anything that’s worth having is going to be hard. Yes, there have been hard times but then I’d write a new song and I know that it’s my only real plan! I remember sitting in an ASCAP seminar when Dan Wilson (who’s a great songwriter) said to the songwriters in the room that if you have a plan B go and do it. This resonated with me because I’ve only ever had a plan A.

IMM – If so, what was it that made you continue?

LP – I’m so lucky that I have great support around me and if I ever get down they pick me up.

IMM – Have you been finding it hard to keep up with social media? Your career has taken a serious turn and you must be busy!

LP – It’s an odd situation because it feels like I’m waiting for the single to come out on March 23rd. But I love talking to my friends and followers so I’m always responding to messages, when I can.

IMM – What has improved since signing with Sony?

LP – Since signing I’ve just been in this place that I want to continually raise the bar with the new songs and production and singing. I’ve also started piano lessons again because I just want to get better. My family say my mood has improved too J

IMM – Whose advice did you take most seriously in terms of improvements in your music career?

LP – Close friends and family, must say that my parents have been behind me since I started and I always want their input and advice.

IMM – Can you tell us what we can expect in terms of new music? Will there be an album coming……?

LP – If things go well there’ll be another single or two and then an album. Whatever happens I’m going to be putting out new music. I have so many songs I want to share.

IMM – I love that you have released singles over the course of the last year and all of them have been completely inspiring, fun, emotional, and honest. Would you say that the music you are creating right now (that hasn’t been released yet) compared to what you have released already is going to be a continuation of your previous work or will it be different? If so, how?

LP – For me it’s all about the song and I’m always trying to write better songs. I have to love it and then the production is just presentation and that might change with each song.

IMM – What are your thoughts on supporting non-profit organizations? You always seem to be involved by way of support for them with live performances and I find that very admirable!

LP- I try to do my bit. But I do have to be realistic in terms of the time I have and other commitments.

IMM – Which radio stations would you like to give a nice shout out to?

LP – KGUP, Shift, Ridge Radio, Croydon Radio, Olympic, Pop Garden, Riviera, Britrox, 92zoo, WOMR, Red Velvet, EGH Radio, Jamm, KOPN, Take 2, Breeze, Hard Rock and to any others I’ve forgotten – sorry!

IMM – Which radio stations have been most supportive of your music to date?

LP – All of the above but I’d just like to add BBC Radio Two, Introducing and London who’ve all played my music too!

IMM –  What are your thoughts on Walter Hargrave and the kind of support he has given you on Indie Music Monday and Indie Music Bus?

LP – Walter and Indie Music Monday and Indie Music Bus have been amazing supporters! The work Walter does with the team to spot new artists and tell people about them is so important. And I’d also like to give a shout-out to Candice and Starlight Music Chronicles. So happy to have you guys supporting me!

IMM – Are there any tour dates planned for the foreseeable future?  Canada maybe? (laughs)

LP – Not yet but the USA and Canada are right up there – and Edmonton is, after all, such a great place.

IMM – Fantastic! Are there going to be any more collaborations in your new music?

LP – Yes, I love working with other songwriters. I love learning from other talented people and making new friendships along the way.

IMM – Although I have often said that your overall persona has an ‘Ed Sheeran’ pure-ness to it, I want you to describe to me who you think Luke Potter is truly….

LP – I know what you mean but I just want to be Luke Potter. My style is probably a mix of all the music I like but I hope it comes out as just being me.

IMM – That it certainly does Luke. Your voice is truly one of a kind! Regarding the last statement/question I do feel that you are completely unique in terms of your music: it’s always something fresh and fun. Which is your favorite types of lyrics to write – romance, adventure, reflection, humanity…. I could go on, but what do you gravitate to most?

LP – I’m probably more reflective and romantic in the things I write most of the time.

IMM – When you write a romance ballad such as ‘Do You Love Me (Yet)?’, where are your pulling the words from: your personal experience or someone else’s? That’s still one of my most favorite of your songs!

LP – Thanks you, I’m so happy you like this one! For this song, I drew the ideas from personal experience but maybe we should leave it there – ha-ha

IMM – Which of your songs truly reflects you the most in terms of lyrics?

LP – There’s no one song that I think defines me. Every song has a piece of me in it. My new single is probably the closest to my heart and it’ll be out soon.

IMM – I love your home-made vocal booth with ‘SING’ in capital letters on it! Great stuff! Have you already given it a try on for size this year? I know you’ve been in Sweden a lot lately….

LP – Yes, I’ve been using the booth a lot! My friends, Hjalmar and Marcus, have been over from Sweden and we just wrote and recorded 4 new tracks that I couldn’t be more excited about. It’s not that I’ve actually been to Sweden recently so much as Sweden has been visiting me here in the UK 😉

IMM – If you could change anything about the last 12 months, what would that be?

LP – Absolutely nothing. I’m really happy with how my music has been going and life has been good!

IMM – Which Musicians passing last year affected you the most – 2016 was brutal! I always am curious to see what other musicians think about losing an industry peer….

LP – George Michael, I think. He was a great singer and songwriter and will be missed! And, so many others like David Bowie mean so much to everyone. It was such a tragic year for music!

IMM – What is it about live performance that you love most?

LP – I love getting a reaction and also getting people to sing along. And getting to play new songs for the first time and seeing how they work in a live situation.

IMM – What is it about the recording process that you love most?

LP – It’s like being in a bubble where you’re totally away from the outside world. It’s awesome being in that creative zone and coming out the other end with, hopefully, a new song that you want to play to others.

IMM – Do you ever think you will move to Sweden? You are there so often! (laughs)

LP – Funnily enough the lyrics to one of my new songs talks about this…  it’s called ‘Better’ and there’s a line… “move over to Sweden, find out who I’m meant to be…” I love Sweden and I have so many talented friends in Stockholm so maybe I’ll move there, who knows.

IMM – Where do you find the biggest fan supporters are in the world for Luke Potter Music?

LP – Firstly, my Mum and Dad are my biggest supporters but I’m lucky to have friends and followers around the world, some in places I’ve never heard of.

IMM – Can you tell me what it was like for you when you met Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol? What came from that meeting? I think that would be a wicked collaboration if you two were to work with one another!

LP – It was surreal, he was at a film premiere in West Hollywood and we just met. What was amazing was the time he spent talking to me like he was truly interested and wanted to help. A lovely guy and I’d love to work with him one day. I also got to meet Courtney Cox that night and she was so friendly too!

IMM – When can we expect you to come to North America again and where?

LP – Not sure but it’s pretty high on my places to visit.

IMM – What is the biggest compliment you have been given by an industry peer you look up to?

LP – Ken Caillat, who produced Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors album compared me to a young James Taylor and said I was a great songwriter, I was only about 20 at the time and that was amazing, it’ll always stay with me!

IMM – I always like to ask this question: Can you tell us five things no one knows about you?

LP – I own 2 pet rats, Winslow and Whiteside and 1 hamster called Bella

I’m a part time lifeguard

I dyed my hair red when I was in college – worst decision ever!

Before Music I studied Health & Social Care.

When I was 13 I wanted to be a professional skateboarder like Tony Hawkes

IMM – Okay, final question: What does success mean to you? What does that look like to you in terms of your career?

LP – For lots of people to hear my songs and, hopefully, to make a difference in some peoples’ lives for the better!

IMM – Thank you Luke, as always, it’s been an absolute pleasure catching up with you!

LP – Thank you for all your support, it really has meant so much to me!.



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